Not your Average Summer Camp. Create, learn and grow!

What Is Artletics?

Artletics is Rome Art and Community Center’s highly acclaimed Summer Day Camp that combines the creativity of Art, the inspiration of Music and Drama, and the excitement of Athletics, to create a full day of fun for children ages 5 to 10. Campers will have a blast as they spend their day participating in activities based on their age and skill level. Each day campers will develop artistic skills, perform skits, enhance athletic ability, meet and interact with new friends, and of course…have fun!

An average day of Artletics is broken down into several sessions: an art class, games and sports; music and drama and a group activity.

Every week of camp is unique so new lessons and concepts are introduced to keep things fresh and current. All activities are pressure-free, creative, and geared towards a child’s age and skill level. The goal of Artletics is to offer children a wide variety of arts and activities while building self esteem and character during the summer in a friendly, safe, and fun environment! Artletics is funded by the City of Rome, CDBG (HUD) a Federal Grant program, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

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The Center holds to a long history of hosting community events for children, dating back to the original owner Mrs. Carpenter’s famous parties on the lawn for neighborhood children in the 1920’s.  RACC is proud to host 3 holiday traditions for children that are free (or have a minimal cost) and are open to all. Dates to be announced.

  • TRICK OR TREAT STREET– The same 3rd floor children’s room is transformed into a festive, safe Halloween haven for children aged 2-10 years old. Parents and children can enter via the back yard (avoiding the adult Haunted House) and participate in trick or treating, going from one costumed storybook character to another and receiving treats. This event provides a safe, healthy alternative to little ones being on dark streets. There is a minimal charge of $3.00 per child to cover costs.
  • CANDY CANE LANE– Occurs on the main floor of the mansion house where the entry and living room areas are transformed into a Winter Wonderland! Children will have an opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus and other Christmas-time characters and receive candy canes and other sweet treats! This event is totally free and open to children of all ages.
  • PETER COTTONTAIL’S BUNNY TRAIL– Children and parents are escorted to the Bunny Trail located on the 3rd floor where they can meet the Easter Bunny, have photo’s taken and receive candy from other children’s characters. This event is totally free and open to children of all ages.