Children’s Programming

The Center has a long history of hosting community events for children, dating back to the original owner Mrs. Carpenter’s famous parties on the lawn for neighborhood children in the 1920’s.  RACC is proud to host children’s activities and programming. 



Not your Average Summer Camp

  Create, learn, explore the Arts and grow!

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Artletics is Rome Art and Community Center’s highly acclaimed Summer Day Camp that combines the creativity of Art, the inspiration of Music and Drama, and the excitement of Athletics, to create a full day of fun for children ages 5 to 12. Campers will have a blast as they spend their day participating in activities based on their age and skill level. Each camper will improve his/her artistic skills, perform skits, enhance athletic ability, meet and interact with new friends, and of course…have fun! 

An average day of Artletics is broken down into several sessions: an art class, games and sports; music and drama and a group activity.

Every week of camp is unique, so new lessons and concepts are introduced to keep things fresh and current. All activities are pressure-free, creative, and geared towards a child’s age and skill level. The goal of Artletics is to offer children a wide variety of arts and activities while building self esteem and character during the summer in a friendly, safe, and fun environment! Artletics is funded by the City of Rome, CDBG (HUD) a Federal Grant program, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

The Owl and The Silver Moon is an early learning academy for children ages 3-5 years.   

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The Owl & The Silver Moon (OSM), at the Rome Art and Community Center, is an early learning, PreK academy for children ages 3-5 years.  The academy has two ½ day programs (3 hours) following the school year calendar.

Childhood is filled with wonders.  Children are designed by nature to learn through exploration and play.  They are excited and full of curiosity and wonder, with a tremendous sense of adventure.  From birth to age 5, a child learns at a speed unmatched for the rest of life.   The interactions and exposure at this early age shape all future learning.    Learning should be a positive, exciting and natural experience.  Through our program, children explore a world of imagination and uncover a world of possibilities.  The Owl and The Silver Moon is a place where art is the focus and learning occurs through this lens.  Days are filled with interactive learning experiences and exposure to the various genres of art, music, drama, technology and literature.  We infuse creativity into productive learning experiences.     

The Mission of The Owl & The Silver Moon is Learning through the Lens of the Arts, a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary; where exploration and creativity equal learning. The goals of the OSM are to create and instill a joyous passion for learning; to promote literacy and reading readiness, numeracy and math readiness, character development and self-regulation as well as create lasting connections for children, families, the art center and the community.



Art Infusion School Break Camps

A school break camp for kids ages 5 – 10. Camp runs Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm. There is an option for before and after camp sessions.
Camps include art, drama, games, and fun!

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